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Book a dental temp for your office within the same day. We handle the entire payroll process for you and we provide all our dental professionals with T4s, so you don't have to.

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With our abundant network of dental offices offering jobs, you will don't have to worry about finding that temp job again. We offer bi-weekly direct deposit to all our temps.

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Earn money flexibly and supplement your income how you see fit.

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Book a Temp Without All The Hassle. Let Us Handle That For You.

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Our Dental Professionals have a profile so you can find the right match for your office.​

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We offer competitive rates for all our dental professionals.​

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We have automated and simplified the entire process. Book the perfect fit for your office with only a couple clicks.​

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We handle the entire payment process for you including covering CPP and El Contributions.

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Our payment structure is simple: Dental Offices are charged 15% surcharge

Payments are made via all major credit cards through the secure Payment Gateway (Braintree) or PayPal.

The only information we need at the time of payment is, the number of hours the Dental Professional worked. Its best to ensure this information is correct in order to avoid processing delays and surcharges.


Most frequent questions and answers​

With our online booking system, offices and dental professionals can connect through Tempify logging into our system. Offices will be able to post jobs and hire available temps. On the other hand, temps will be able to accept job postings and set their availability so they can be seen by offices. Once a temp has finished their job, we will request payment from the offices. All payment proceeds will be calculated and paid out to the temps through a bi-weekly direct deposit. 

Payment is collected via all major credit card and PayPal through the payment gateway.

Your credit card will be charged after the end of the day that the dental professional has worked and closed the job, verification will be needed to complete the payment.

At Tempify, we handle the entire payment process. We issue pay cheques to all our dental professionals on every second Friday. All your hours for every job placements leading up to the cut off date will be tallied and a direct deposit cheque will be issued.

 We strongly encourage all dental professionals to reply to job placements as soon as possible. An email will be sent to the dental professional at the time of selection for a job. At this point the dental professional must login and accept the position. We encourage dental offices to wait 24 hours for a response, however, if an office feels they need a more immediate response they may end up selecting another dental professional.

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"This platform is so easy to use and the best part is they do all the deductions and I only had one T4 at the end of the year!"
Raj Gill
Dental Hygienist​
"We enjoy working with the temps from Tempify. No payroll hassle and we can issue payments straight through the platform with our credit card."
City Square Dental
"Our clinics highly recommend Tempify. It is a great platform to alternative temping solutions. It is user friendly and stress free. It is nice that they will take care of the payroll for you."
Cambie Broadway Dental

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